• Ways To Give You A Great Golf Swing


    Golf is such a crazy game at times. It is a game of feel. Our minds can mess with our golf game so much at times also. I know one day I will be hitting my driver good and the rest of the game off and other days I may be putting good and the rest of the game off. I know the more I can smile and laugh off a bad shot the better chance I have on having a good round.

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  • Tips on finding the Golf School best for you


    Golf can be a challenging game at times but a fun game especially if you are able to move the ball forward. For beginner golfers and some experienced golfers sometimes it may a good idea to find a Golf School to attend.

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  • Golfing New Year’s Resolutions

    Golf December

    Wow, the last year is over already, how did it go by so fast. Here it is the first week in January and you may have made New Year’s resolutions already or you may be planning on making some. Did you follow through and achieve your resolutions last year? I didn’t hit mine last year but I had a wild ride of a year for sure. In 2014 my golf game improved, I golfed in Golf Channel AM Tour Nationals, I got engaged and relocated my family to Arizona to play golf all year around.

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  • Golfers Mind

    11-30-14 408

    Our mind is such an amazing part of our golf game and life. You may be someone who thinks that your mind doesn’t have anything to do with your golf game I would suggest researching how many Golf Pro’s have mind coaches and why. I know my mind has a big influence in my golf game.

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  • We moved to Arizona to play more Golf

    Arizona October 2014 501

    My friends would tell you that I am a golf nut. I would agree with them. Even though my friend Matt currently play’s more golf and tournaments than I do currently but I hope that will all change now since we moved to Arizona.

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  • Ways for Your Golf Fitness Program


    Tom my best friend from grade school is a great example of being a leader for others to follow in fitness. Though I haven’t been a good student, I am working on being one now. The older I get the more I realize the importance of exercise is to help lower my golf scores.

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  • Enjoy Golf More Often

    AM Tour Dinner 2014

    I really enjoyed golfing the last week. I played in Golf Channel AM Nationals in Scottsdale, AZ. We played two days of practice rounds with my good friend Matt and then we played four days of tournament golf. We played both Gray Hawk courses and both Talking Stick courses. All the courses were challenging and I had a great time most of the time.

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  • Five Good Traits Of A Golf Instructor


    To be come a certified PGA golf instructor you must have skills. I know that I can learn stuff from anyone I meet or even golf a round with that isn’t a PGA golf instructor. But I know I would learn from certain styles more than other styles or maybe enjoy it more.

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  • Some Tips on Choosing the Best Golf Sunglasses


    Why am I talking about Sunglasses you may say but for myself I wear my Sunglasses almost every round I play. My current Sunglasses are prescription due to my older age now and my eyes are not the best anymore.

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  • Success In Playing Golf


    Listed below are some great tips for more success when playing golf. Golf can be fun at any age with the right attitude and practice. Remember a key to golf is practice and it takes time to find your swing or game. Like my friend Jeff says “Putting and Chipping is all feel”. I played in a tournament last weekend and we got soaked but we had a lot of fun. I even learned that I need to be more prepared next time I play in rain. I need to take an Umbrella, more towels, three more pairs of rain gloves. Here are some more tips to help you with finding success in your golf game:

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