• Fun Time of the Year


    December is a fun month. A month to some of celebration for wrapping up another great year. A month to some for getting ready to file taxes in the start of 2017. A month of family fun to some. For us it is a busy month with both boys celebrating Birthdays and then Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Ever and New Years Day. What a fun month at our house.

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  • Life is Too Short Not to Be Happy


    Someone said “Live with No regrets, Money can’t buy time”. I don’t remember who said that but I have it on my calendar I carry around with me every day. I know some may be saying what does this have to do with Golf, I would say to those that we need a strong mental game for golf. Mental strength in golf, other sports, and business or in life is so important. My website “GolfBAM.com” stands for Golf Body and Mind and my other website “MillsWay.com” is to help people live Happier and more successful lives.

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  • Fall Golf Fun in the Midwest


    Fall in Iowa and Minnesota is awesome this time of the year with the leaves changing color on the trees. But the leaves do make it a challenge finding your golf ball. I lost many golf balls on my trip back to the Midwest. Weather was really cold at times also so I was missing the Arizona weather for sure.

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  • Change Your Life by Playing Golf


    Life is too short to make excuses to not do something you enjoy. I enjoy Golf and Bowling myself as you can see that one of my websites is dedicated to Golf. A slow round of Golf can take about 4 hours with four golfers. So can’t you find 4 hours a week to spend time doing something that is fun? What is 4 hours a week? There is 168 hours in the week as you know so that is only 2% of your total hours for the week. Why not live it up and play two rounds in a week, which is only 4% of your week. We all need balance in our lives to be happy. So make time

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  • Change Your Golf Game With Some Great New Golf Tips


    Golf tips can come from so many places today with social media, TV, internet and YouTube.com. Also all the golf tips we get with the friends we play golf with. Seems like a lot of people have different tips to give out. I like the ones I get from watching Golf Channel and from my friends that are Teaching Golf Pro’s or retired Golf Pro’s.

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  • Growing the Game of Golf with Kids

    july 2016

    How will the game of golf keep growing is a question that people who love to play golf wants to know. Golfers want to see new golf courses open up, they like to see golf affordable to play. Golfers like to get the newest equipment that comes out to help improve our games. Golfers like places that they can practice at so they can improve their golf game. If you have played golf you know that you never master it and when you think you have it figured out then the next hole will show you that you need to keep working at it.

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  • Balance in your Golf Game

    May 2016

    Balance is important in your golf swing and life. Before I get into the balance in golf I wanted to share with you that our Putting Green is done and came in under budget. As you can see in the above photo, it has four holes and different elevations. Then we have our Driving Net at the end of it and Chipping pads around in the rocks to chip on to the green. This can help balance my family time and golf time by giving me more time by practicing at home.

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  • Do you have to wear Golf Shoes?

    Shoes sm

    I remember back when I first started golfing I wore Tennis Shoes, then a few years later I went to golf shoes with metal spikes. Of course I don’t think any courses let you have metal spikes anymore, at least none I play at.

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  • Putting Greens at Home


    As you know I really enjoy the game of golf. Darlene and myself just bought a new house and will be moving in next week and we are really excited about it. But some of my friends think I am a little crazy with my plans for the back yard. The photo above is what it currently looks like now. Currently it is about 46 feet long and 23 feet wide of really nice grass with sprinkler system to help keep it looking green. I want to rip out the grass and put in practice putting and chipping green, but some of my friends think I should leave the grass in.

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  • Rory is back in his Winning Fashion because of his Control of his Golf Shots


    If you follow Golf then you know Rory Mcllroy. Rory is one of my favorite golfers to follow because of his attitude and work ethic. I know he has been in the news lately for lifting weights, some people worry he will hurt himself over doing it in the gym. But here he is going in to Sunday of the WGC-Cadillac tournament with a three shot lead over Dustin Johnson and Adam Scott. I don’t think he has had
    A bogey in is last 34 holes on a tough course.

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